For #NewGlobalMatriarchy, my collaborator Maya Mackrandilal and I present a series of performances and events that imagine radical black femme futures. Maya and I performed as two ancient goddesses Lakshmi and Oya who have become incarnated in contemporary US-hegemonic culture, a world of reality television, Instagram celebrity, and hyper-sexualization. By inhibiting the visual language and logic of consumerism and voyeurs, the goddesses infiltrate imperialism on its home turf, imbuing the mundane and familiar with moments of radical imagination. #NewGlobalMatriarchy questions what does it mean to be a strong woman with friends in a culture that can only imagine the female sexual competition for the ever-elusive “good man”? How can we construct narratives that sabotage a culture that devalues black life, the labor of women, and commodifies queer desire? And wonder if it's possible to seduce the oppressor into relinquishing his power?