Black and Brown youth are having a hard time right now, social media makes everything so accessible and documented and the gun violence is out of control. I wonder what it would be like to be a kid today. I was thinking about my childhood versus what childhood would be today. This piece “Golden Kids” is a tribute to childhood, questioning what happen next, when children go to heaven. The children are mirrors and playing hide and seek inviting the viewer to play in the mirrors and interact with children who are unfortunately no longer here.

Curator Cecilia Vargas invited me to participate in the Terrain Biennial over the summer. Terrain Exhibitions is a project space started in 2011 by artist Sabina Ott that invites artists to create a site-specific interventions in a suburban front yard in Oak Park, Il. In 2015 , Terrain held its second Terrain Biennial, widening its reach and inviting neighbors to open their yards to artists projects. Curator Cecilia Vargas invited me along with artist Nora Maite Nieves to participate and create an installation at a home in Portage Park Illinois.