Welcome to Nosey AF! (Podcast Trailer)

WELCOME TO NOSEY AF (podcast trailer)

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Welcome to the NoseyAF Podcast! I can't believe you are here! Thank You, Thank You and Thank You again.

Let me tell you about the show!, So.. the Nosey AF Podcast is a weekly show ad the goal is to get all in the business of folks about who they are, what they do and why they do it.

This is my fancy elevator pitch of what the show is:
Artist and Filmmaker Stephanie Graham digs deep with people who are nothing like her.

Each week the Nosey AF podcast gets all up in the business of movers, shakers and subculture makers. Stephanie explores how the hell they got into the worlds they've found themselves a part of.

At the end of each Nosey AF episode, you will either have random info to share and impress your friends with or have a new idea for a project of your own.

So that's basically it. I will talk about this on the show but as an artist and filmmaker, my practice is rooted in subcultures and how folks think and do what they do every day.plus I'm excited about getting more into the audio medium.

Here I am. I'm excited that you are listening and reading.

The world is yours. See you soon


Thanks to Aubrey Modium for the NoseyAF theme music.

Of course you can find me on the socials:

Hit me up at www.missgraham.com