006 Scott Jones on Filmmaking, Hipster Racism and Popeyes

006 Scott Jones on Filmmaking, Hipster Racism and Popeyes

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After many a back and forth I was finally able to track down my buddy and filmmaker Scott Tanner Jones, to talk to about his filmmaking career in Los Angeles! We also talk about what its like to be a white man in today's political climate, Popeyes chicken (can you believe Scott has never had Popeyes!!!!) and also Hipster Racism. I'm excited about today's episode!

Show Notes:
If you don't know Archie Bunker you need to check him out, go here right now.

I shout out Jordan Brady, a commercial director here, if you're into that check him out too, then send me an email so we can collaborate tee hee.

Check out Scotts, web series Carbone, and you can see that here

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Hipster Racism is real!! Learn about it!

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