004 Why Folks Stay Broke w/ Finance Rebel Camari Ellis

004 Why Folks Stay Broke w/ Finance Rebel Camari Ellis

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Yall folks stay broke, and I hate that! Ugh, I hate it so much, but I also can relate!! I feel like a payroll service when it comes to handling my money UGH! I don't know about you, but I'm always thinking of ways to manage my money, save my money, correctly spend my money, and how to get money from these dudes out here! Okay, the last one I'm joking about, but still, the money stays on my mind. 

I had been talking to my friend Camari since he is a money expert and then I thought oooh Camari, can you come to my podcast and talk about money. He said YES!

So here he is with is busy self, being a father, husband and wealth advisor talking to you and me about how to be the best we can be with dealing with coins. This will be one of many conversations I plan to have around the topic, because guess what out of sight out of mind and I REFUSE TO HAVE MONEY BE OUT OF OUR MINDS mmmkay!

As mentioned in the conversation make sure you have an account with Digit and Acorns, (btw these are affiliate links, hook me up!)

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Listen in for a pretty good Basic Necessity Giveaway too cause Camari sweetened the deal wonderfully for ya!

As always thank you for listening. Next week I hit a milestone with my fifth episode of NoseyAF, and I am stoked.

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