010 When you and your family, just be a wandering chile.... with Abby McNair

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Yall if you didn't know, I want to remind you that black women are number one ! mmmkay! I know yall didn't need that reminder because if you are following me, you believe that. #yesyesyallAbby McNair, with her husband and four babies, are boppin around the world yall, LITERALLY WANDERIN' living their best life! 

Abby of All We Do is Wander is a family of 6 nomads traveling the world! Last year they were in Latin America this year we are bouncing through Asia.

Abby and I talked about black travel, how she and her family decided to become nomadic, alternative schooling and how we can be like her.

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Links Mentioned in this episode:
Follow Abby and her family on Instagram
Check out their website at https://www.allwedoiswander.com/
Travel Coaching from Abby https://www.wanderingitsalifestyle.com/
Cheap International Flights https://www.momondo.com/

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