009 The Who, What, Where and dating life of a Hebrew Israelite with Andre Yisrael

Andre Yisrael

Andre is a Hebrew Israelite. I'm not sure if you know this, but Hebrew Israelites get sort of a bad rap for not being welcoming and some radical when one challenges their faith. Thankfully for us, Andre a member of this faith, sat with me to discuss the ins and outs of what being a Hebrew Israelite means and gives me an idea if finding an Israelite boyfriend/girlfriend is a good idea, or not. I'm thankful for people like Andre saying yes and allowing me to ask dumb questions.

I'm excited about today's show as its getting to the bottom of what this podcast is about having conversations and asking questions of those who are nothing like me. Its fun, I'm thankful, and I love you.

Links and Things mentioned in today's episode:

Hebrew Israelites (according to Wikipedia) 

Deuteronomy 28

Transatlantic Slave Trade


Kemetic Faith (according to Wikipedia)

No sponsor for this episode, I'm experimenting with running times of the podcast. So let me know what you think I just think we need to check in on our own mental space as well as the mental space of those we love and care about.

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