002 Mindfulness and Mental Health with Chris Boutte

002 Mindfulness and Mental Health with Chris Boutte

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Welcome back to the Nosey AF podcast! This episode a conversation that I will probably have ongoing about Mental Health and today I'm with my friend mental health and sober coach Chris Boutte

Chris is a survivor of depression, anxiety and addiction, PRAISE THE LORD! That Chris has been delivered from those things and now he teaches others how to improve their mental and emotional well-being.
At the time Chris and I had our conversation Chicago rapper Fredo Santana passed away and it had me sad, so we discussed that, on top of getting our mental health together, getting sober and being the best we can be.

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Let's Be Honest, Who Doesn't Love a giveaway?

Links from the episode:
Fredo Santana
Fredo Santana on LovelyTi
All things Chris and his greatness can be found at The Rewired Soul
Chris has soooo many videos on his YouTube Channel, about mental health, addiction, and wellness. 

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