Golden Kids and Meandering Design

Guess who sold a piece of her artwork to a brand new collector? I will give you three hints, she is tall, you probably are currently reading her blog ANDDDDDDD she loves Real Housewives!... Can you take a guess?
ya, still thinking?

Alright Alright, it's me!! Me silly goose! I got ya good didn't I?!  Well, listen I recently sold one of my Golden Kid pieces to I h to interior designer (and friend) Kandy Christensen of Meandering Design. *Crowd Goes Wild*.

Quick story of how this came to be:
So Kandy was coming over to my studio the other afternoon to record an episode with me for my podcast Nosey AF, btw you know I have a podcast now right?! Yep -I'm at my fifth episode too yall, I'm jamming on the one! Anyway, Anyway back to the story.. so Kandy and I are having fun recording and when we finish, Kandy shared with me two things... #1 Super Secret News I cant tell you now, and #2 that she wanted to buy one of my Golden Kids! SAY WHAAAAT!
I hadn't even thought of these children even being for sale, and I certainly wasn't thinking they were going to be for sale right now! I love Kandy though and I love the Golden Kids project so  I agreed, she selected the one she liked best (Golden Kid #4) and BOOM end of the quick story.

I went Saturday morning to install the piece at Kandy's beautiful Bowmanville home. What do you think?

I like Kandy, she is alot of fun and I love her style! I'm a lucky lady to be able to include her as a collector, and she has given me lots of advice on how to layout my home studio in a way that is both cozy but not so cozy that I don't get anything done.  I'm PUTTING IN THAT WORK in my studio mmmkay! I'm excited about the way this piece looks in her house and I am excited! If you want design, organization and maybe want to hire a interior designer, you should check out Kandy! In the meantime I will be over here looking at this picture in my cozy (but not to cozy) studio :)

Thanks for reading.