SBE Black Pass Now Open for Nominations

So, I have a new project that I'm working on with my residency at the Chicago Artist Coalition. Im sharing it here with you in case you want to participate or know someone that might be interested.

Check this out:

In preparation for a new exhibition "As Stars At Daybreak" at the Chicago Artist Coalition. I'm asking you to think about a BLACK PASS. This is a new challenging project for me, and I would love for you to participate.

What is a Black Pass ?A Black Pass is a currency granted to a non-black person by a black person (black of African descent) that allows the non-black person to participate and comment on the black reality.
For my new project Iā€™m exploring who is welcomed in the black community, some examples would be Bill Clinton, Christina Aguilera, Maury Povich, and even Tina Fey.

I made a video that I hope explains better

Thinking about the definition of the Black Pass, who would you say is down?  Please record your answers (audio is okay if your not comfortable showing your face or email is also perfect) and submit to

HOLD UP STEPHANIE!! I'M NOT BLACK CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE ?YES! You are a very insightful person that is in tune with what is going on with today's world... also you might be interested in getting a nominating for yourself. Take your best guess and participate! The more submissions the better.

As I said earlier I plan to share these videos, audio and text in my September show.
I know this is a different post from what I usually share, but Im looking for feedback and I want t involve my blog into my process more, so there you have it.
Let me know if you have questions and thanks!