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It all started when...

Dee and I have had many a conversation about the Queen, the Auntie. Ms. Anita Baker, why? The reason is a pure one, my friends. Anita Baker is the Goddess! I mean come on, No one can deny how amazing she is: her voice, her ambition.. omg We just love Anita.

The conversation went somewhat like this:

"What if I made an Anita Baker Pin... and she was wearing a Baker hat?" Dee.. "you would have to have her name on there" "or if anyone asked, you could just say. It's Anita Baker, wearing a Baker Hat."

I would do a mix for that shit. HELL YEAH! That would be dope. I like this... I'm going to think on this.

The night continued one exchange photos of Anita, and songs that have sampled her music...

And here we are.

We Love You Anita, is not just a collaboration between friends but a cry for the resurgence, of a childhood diva whose music remains fresh, relevant and her voice carries into the depths of our hearts. We are caught in her rapture.

It is the hope of Trendee and myself that you dance, reminisces, grind all to the sounds of Trendee Rocks as well as proudly display on your backpack, jacket, hat or whatever accessories or clothing you choose.  Share in your admiration for Ms. Baker with this project.

I Need A Baker
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