I’m Stephanie and I love to be a part of great things and make stuff. I’m an artist, photographer, and filmmaker and the work I make falls in the themes of social class, subcultures, race, and gender. These topics are complex, interesting, and they come up all the time in my life. Because I love to laugh, a lot of my work has a humorous tone.

I sometimes appear in my work, so I guess I can be seen as a performance artist too. I’ve even organized a couple film festivals. Like I said I genuinely enjoy making and creating all sorts of things.

I never turn down the chance to hear a good story. I’m interested in people and why we do the things we do and how even though we are all different, we can still find ways to relate to each other. A good example of this is my project “So This One Guy” with ladies of all types sharing their dating stories, because we have all been there, right?

I work professionally on films and commercials while simultaneously pursuing my art. I’m super blessed to work in an industry that I studied to be a part of. (Shout out to Columbia College!) LOL.

I’ve exhibited my work across the United States and it has appeared in various publications. I’m also collected at the Chicago Historical Society.

I also host a weekly podcast called “noseyAF” where I speak to people who are nothing like me and talk about being an artist.  I also run a tiny enamel pin shop called the “Graham Cracker Pin Company.”

After a full day of fun, I like to cozy up on my TV and watch The Real Housewives. I watch every city and can speak about it extensively! The show is so good! OMG I love all those ladies so much!

 If you’d like to connect, grab coffee or set up a studio visit please call or email me.

I cant wait to hear from you !