I’m making work about subcultures, social class, relationships and Black America. I draw upon the stories of friends and strangers alike when creating staged imagery for my photography and video projects.

When it comes to working with clients I work to create a series of images tailored to each client where the foundation is creative, cool and glamorous. Getting to know my clients personally is just as important as understanding your project. My style is laid back, familial, conscientious and energetic but still professional keeping the clients best interests at the forefront of the concepts. I basically like to pretend we are old school friends working on a summer project.

When I’m not making you can find me on a dancefloor somewhere or at home discussing Real Housewives with my bestie. 


STEPHANIE GRAHAM is a artist living and working in Chicago.

Work Inquiry? Collaboration? Studio Visit? Questions? Whether you want to talk about a project, collaborate, or come by my studio; I’M HERE FOR ALL OF IT. Drop me a line or give me a call. I’m looking forward to speaking with you. 

TEL: 312.373.0578     CEL: 847.899.3564

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