Golden Kids and Meandering Design

Guess who sold a piece of her artwork to a brand new collector? I will give you three hints, she is tall, you probably are currently reading her blog ANDDDDDDD she loves Real Housewives!... Can you take a guess?
ya, still thinking?

Alright Alright, it's me!! Me silly goose! I got ya good didn't I?!  Well, listen I recently sold one of my Golden Kid pieces to I h to interior designer (and friend) Kandy Christensen of Meandering Design. *Crowd Goes Wild*.

Quick story of how this came to be:
So Kandy was coming over to my studio the other afternoon to record an episode with me for my podcast Nosey AF, btw you know I have a podcast now right?! Yep -I'm at my fifth episode too yall, I'm jamming on the one! Anyway, Anyway back to the story.. so Kandy and I are having fun recording and when we finish, Kandy shared with me two things... #1 Super Secret News I cant tell you now, and #2 that she wanted to buy one of my Golden Kids! SAY WHAAAAT!
I hadn't even thought of these children even being for sale, and I certainly wasn't thinking they were going to be for sale right now! I love Kandy though and I love the Golden Kids project so  I agreed, she selected the one she liked best (Golden Kid #4) and BOOM end of the quick story.

I went Saturday morning to install the piece at Kandy's beautiful Bowmanville home. What do you think?

I like Kandy, she is alot of fun and I love her style! I'm a lucky lady to be able to include her as a collector, and she has given me lots of advice on how to layout my home studio in a way that is both cozy but not so cozy that I don't get anything done.  I'm PUTTING IN THAT WORK in my studio mmmkay! I'm excited about the way this piece looks in her house and I am excited! If you want design, organization and maybe want to hire a interior designer, you should check out Kandy! In the meantime I will be over here looking at this picture in my cozy (but not to cozy) studio :)

Thanks for reading.


New Project: Nosey AF Podcast

Yall, I done went ahead and started a podcast. I'm excited about it, and I have three episodes published awaiting your ears.

Starting a podcast has been on my mind for a loooonnng time, so I'm happy that its up and going. Like most of my projects, I go back and forth with the who, what and where, and this project was no different.

So I just decided to start.

Ooh wait, want to know a quick fun fact? So you know my project" So This One Guy Project " ? Well, initially that had a podcast piece to it, but I decided to simplify it and make it a video only project. I have a few audio interviews recorded, and I'm going to share a few of those on the podcast because they are just as wild as the videos. You'll see, See that was fun to share with ya wasn't it!

Anyway back to this podcast of mine, it's called "NoseyAF," and I started it for a few reasons:

The first reason is so that I could have a space to extend the conversations I explore in my art about race, class, gender, and subcultures while sharing directly with you the things going on in my studio.  This podcast is another layer where you get to know me and my personality. You know.. We can get closer, plus I like to be silly and act up. Join me in the foolishness LOL

Secondly, I want to be able to speak to other moguls in the making about how they get stuff done, cause Girlllllllll art business, film jobs, working out, praising the Lord, being a daughter and a friend.. its a lot and I know you feel it too man. How do you do it?!

I also get to explore audio as a new medium, its a podcast today but... what else can I do with sound.

So here I am, all in with NoseyAF. I launched my first episode on April 19th.

Would you check it out and give it a listen?
So far I've spoken to a rapper about student debt, a mental health professional about drug use in hip-hop and a makeup artist turned hummus chef.

The NoseyAF Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, and TuneIn.

If you do check this out, let me know what you think. If it's not your thing, I would appreciate you sharing it with a friend, fellow colleague or loved one.

Also, that was a real question, how do you get everything done? I just want to know so I can apply it to my life, let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and checking out Nosey AF. I have new epsidodes on Mondays.

Talk with you soon,


I Need Your Help, Reader Survey

Whats good friends!
Its finally starting to be some more beautiful weather around here in Chicago and feeling like spring! Thank you, Jesus! Please keep it up, Lord! I'm here for it.

You know I've been thinking about my blog, and how I'm not consistent with it, but I want to be consistent, but why should I be consistent and what does all of that mean. The point of this blog is to share the ongoings and behind the scenes of my art practice but I don't know if I want it to be about me all the time.

So I created this reader survey, which I would very much appreciate if you could complete. As I'm over here pondering it would be helpful or me to learn the who, what and why you even come around this blog.

I want to make good stuff you know, not just for me, but for you too. After all your the only thing that matters, if I don't have an audience effin' with me, then whats the point.

Anywho, take the survey if you can, its super quick, and I will talk to you soon.

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Barbara Bear Television Network

I went to school with Barbara Bear, she was EVERYTHING she had red hair, freckles, dark eyeliner and a boyfriend named Darrin, she was before her time and deserves to be honored. Also, her name was Barbara Bear, I cant think of a more fun name to say over and over again.


Jesse Malmed

invited me to be apart of his art exhibition

Outside Jokes

I knew this would be a great time to honor my old high school schoolmate.

I'm excited to present the

Barbara Bear Television Network

a series of my own film projects I programmed for AcreTV in conjunction with Jesse Malmed's

Outside Jokes

exhibition with Demo Project.

Program Includes:

Much Needed Advice with Cliff Zimowski

Nathan's Black Kid Table

Wendy's So This One Guy

The program plays in a loop for 15 minutes live on now through December 31.

You can watch it right now, right



I'm all for trying out ideas and see where it goes, I have ideas for days, and as I'm sure you can relate, some of the ideas are great, and some of them.... you know.... arent.

So imagine my happiness when my girl Dee and I found ourselves once again talking about the soulful queen Anita Baker and it ended up with us joining forces and collaborating on a mixtape and pin together.

What is crazy timing is that at the same time our pin was getting complete Andre 3000 came out with an article sharing his love for Anita Baker! That was wild! Dee and I are so prolific! Check out the article here , because its a great read and, Andre 3000 rocks!

I love the mix Dee created and you can check out the pin tooo! Shop today!

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